The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Motorsport Committee held its first meeting in the presence of regional motorsport leaders on 22nd of March 2017 in Manama Bahrain to discuss the development, governance and sustainability of motorsport in the six GCC Countries namely Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

The meeting represents a major step forward in the development of motorsport in the GCC and in conjunction with the respective National Olympic Committees of the member states. Motorsport which had humble beginnings in the GCC region in the 1970s has grown substantially and the region now hosts two Formula 1 Grand Prix’s and one Moto GP and hundreds of national events.

“This represents a milestone in the development of motorsport in the GCC region “said fourteen-time middle east rally champion Mohammed Ben Sulayem who was elected Chairman of the group. “our main objective is to sustain what has been achieved so far and build on it” he added.

Those attending were: His Excellency Mohammed Ben Sulayem, President of Emirates Motorsport Federation, His Excellency Mohammed Ali AL Marri, from the Secretary General of GCC, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Issa Al Khalifa, President of Bahrain Motor Federation, Sheikh Daij Fahad Suleiman Al Sabah, Kuwait representative, Abdulrahman Al Mannai, President of Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation, Jamal Bin Saeed Al Taee, Vice Presdient, Oman Automobile Association and Mr. Abdullah Bakhashab, Vice President, Saudi Arabian Motor Federation.

The meeting agreed to focus on the development of plans for both karting and Rallying. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Issa from Bahrain was nominated to head the subcommittee for Karting while Mr. Abdulla Bakhashab from Saudi Arabia was nominated to head up the committee for Rallying.