After signing the Guarantee Agreements with all local customs departments in the United Arab Emirates, the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE has signed a bilateral agreement with the Federal Customs Authority on the Guarantee Agreements as per the provisions of the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR  (The TIR Convention 1975). 

The signing of this agreement between the ATCUAE, an active member in the IRU and the FCA, the authority in charge of customs affairs and customs policy in the country and in charge of setting unified legislations to regulate the customs work, combat smuggling and fraud operations and ensure its implementation by the concerned parties, serves the provision of Federal Law Number 8 for 2015 in regards to FCA.

This bilateral agreement, signed by H.E Mohammed ben Sulayem, ATCUAE President, and H.E Mohammed Juma Buossaiba, Director-General, FCA to regulate goods transportation policies and procedures under the TIR cover, to identify its operational aspects and details in order to facilitate the international road transport operation, simplify customs procedures during the transit process of goods, which will contribute in enhancing international trade in an effective and efficient manner.  “Signing this agreement with ATCUAE represents an essential step in our strategy that aims at enhancing the customs system in the country and promote it to the highest international levels through the implementation of the highest international land transport standards “ said H.E Mohammed Juma Buossaiba H.E Buossaiba stressed that trade facilitation and customs procedures simplification at the borders crossing points is one of FCA’s strategic objectives, mentioning that the TIR Agreement highly contributes in facilitating trade and accelerating goods transport through borders inspection points and that it also plays an important role in protecting the country’s revenues by ensuring payment of due taxes in accordance with the international conventions. 

H.E also stressed that FCA is keen to take all necessary steps in collaboration with the local customs departments to implement the TIR agreement, especially those related to the issuance of regulations related to customs procedures and requirements in accordance with the laws applied in the country.   
H.E mentioned that according to this agreement the ATCUAE will be responsible in front of the FCA, the local customs departments and any other concerned party about any financial or legal commitments related to the guarantee system of the TIR operation,  provided that is within the scope of ATCUAE’s obligations according to the TIR Convention regulations and the national legislations.  “We are pleased to sign this agreement with the FCA, it is an essential step towards the implementation of the TIR System in the country, as it will define the strategic work frame, including all operational aspects and details and will define the roles and responsibilities of all concerned parties“ said Mohammed ben Sulayem. The ATCUAE has signed the guarantee agreement with all local customs including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, RAK, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. This agreement will accelerate goods transport operations at the borders cross points and reduce waiting time from several days to a few hours; it will also be a quantum leap in the development of land transport sector in the country. 

The TIR system, that currently connects 60 countries around the world, allows the transport of goods from country of departure to the country of final destination while it is completely sealed and without the need for manual inspection, except in suspicious  cases and as the customs officials deems necessary using standard inspection tools allowing operators to use TIR carnets, that will be issued by the Automobile and Touring Club of UAE and authorized by the IRU, thereby reducing the administrative and financial burdens and implement guaranteed fees and taxes.