First All Emirati Formula 1 Scrutineering Team Began Training Today

Ben Sulayem: Enthusiasm for involvement in motorsport has to be matched with knowledge transfer

At the initiative of Mohammed Ben Sulayem, President of the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates and President of EMSF, today began training for the world's first, all Emirati Formula 1 Scrutineering Team. “We have always had a consistently strong number of Emirati Nationals on the technical side of our Volunteers, but to coincide with recent safety initiatives, we are expanding the Technical Team and are focused on the recruitment of Emirati Nationals, the Corporate & team leaders of the future, for sustainable volunteerism.” said Mohammed Ben Sulayem. “It's not always about quantity... Quality is the key to achieving this initiative. The enthusiasm for involvement at the leading edge of motorsport has to be matched with knowledge transfer and once we have a strong Emirati foundation, it will become a self-fulfilling objective” he continued. An impressive success of the Club has been the creation of the UAE Motorsport Marshals Club (UAEMMC) in 2009 to manage and promote the growth of a national framework of motorsport volunteer officials and run the motorsport events in UAE in a safe and professional manner. As of today UAEMMC has over 1000 members of different nationalities, with 10% of them are Emiratis.

The 24 new Emirati recruits, who range from aerospace Industry students to Corporate Analysts and CEO’s, will be joining the already seasoned Emirati and GCC Nationals for the 2016 Etihad Airways Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Their training modules will include Team Building exercises, Observation training, Radio Communication, Fire safety and the technical skills required to achieve their roles.
“The ATC-UAE Scrutineering Team has earned a worldwide reputation for professionalism and it's clear from the enthusiasm and understanding shown by the volunteers here today, that it won't be long before we have the first fully Emirati Scrutineering Team to continue the standards we have worked so hard to achieve for this event...That will be a proud moment for both the ATCUAE and the United Arab Emirates” said Robert Bryan, ATC’s Technical Director.