UAE Organizes FIM Training and Licensing Seminar for Cross Country Rally Officials in the GCC

Ben Sulayem: The workshop aims to develop local skills for the safe deliver of Cross Country Rallies across the region

This weekend, the UAE Motorcycle Club (UAEMC), in coordination with the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), organized a training and licensing seminar for motorsport officials working in Cross Country Rallies, with the seminar being held at the UAEMCs offices in Dubai.

Participants representing each of the six GCC nations took part in the seminar, which is a requisite for officials holding the top roles of Clerk of the Course and Sporting Steward on events in the FIM Cross Country-Rally World Championship, of which the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge in the UAE and Sealine Cross Country Rally in Qatar are important rounds.   

“We work with the FIM to organize this seminar, as well as previous ones for other important roles, in order to maintain and further develop the skills and standards of our officials across the GCC”, said UAEMC President Mohammed Ben Sulayem. 

“This is particularly important as we see motorcycle sport gain popularity across the region, especially in the form of Cross Country Rallying.” 

The training seminar was delivered on behalf of the FIM by Mr. Larbi Rida Sbai from Morocco who is President of the FIMs Cross Country Rally commission.