AAA Signs New Mobile App Agreement with Dubai Taxi Corporation

The Arabian Automobile Association (AAA) has signed an agreement with the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to launch a new mobile application for emergency roadside assistance service. The agreement was signed by H.E Mohammed ben Sulayem, Chairman of Arabian Automobile Association and Dr. Yousif Mohammed AL Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation. 

The AAA emergency roadside assistance application will feature state of the art options including the possibility of the online tracking which will enable customers to know the exact location of the vehicle coming for assistance and the expected time for the vehicle’s arrival. Details of the vehicle’s driver will also be shown to the customer. 

The Arabian Automobile Association will be developing the application following RTA’s guidelines in the development process. The new mobile application will serve as a common platform for customers in need of the emergency roadside assistance service. 

Mohamed Ben Sulayem stated that the latest initiative of Dubai Taxi Corporation, under the guidance of RTA to bring all the recovery and towing business under a digital platform, would be a great boost to easing the traffic situation of Dubai. This program would create professional and quality service to the vehicle owners of UAE. 

The Arabian Automobile Association has endeavored to offer their expertise to make the above concept into a reality under the guidance of the Dubai Taxi Corporation, RTA Dubai.

A unified standard rate for recovery and roadside assistance services by means ofan electronic platform using a unique Mobile Application will ease the traffic clogging on the main arteries and highways due to accidents or break downs. With this ultra-modern technology, the affected motorist will not face anymore delays in recovering his vehicle. He will also be able to track the recovery coming towards him. 

Targeting the vision of smooth and safe transport for all and prominence of the Expo 2020, this mobile application will be a trend changing tool, said Paul T Joseph, the Managing Director of AAA.