Dubai International Rally Positively Assessed by FIA Observer

President of FIA World Cross Country Rally Commission, Mr. Richard Schilling, observed the Dubai Rally Candidate Event and submitted a positive assessment report to FIA. Based on the commission’s assessment, FIA, the controlling body of motorsport in the world, will decide on the event’s eligibility to join the 2017 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies.

Mr. Schilling appraised the rally’s organization level, the desert stages, the venue HQ at Bab Al Shams as well as the organizer’s compliance with the international safety standards.

The Automobile and Touring Club of UAE (ATCUAE), organizer of the event, is aiming to upgrade the event to a world level. The rally has been running over the 37 past years and was a part of the FIA Middle East Rally Championship since its inception in 1984. The event is considered to be the oldest motorsport events in the UAE. This move is expected to bring in more quality and quantity, in terms of competitors from all over the world.

This candidate event took place on 9th of December 2016 near Bab Al Shams Resort with the competitive length of each stage approximately 220 km.

“We are pleased to receive a positive feedback from the FIA observer. This assessment comes as an appreciation to the great efforts made by everyone involved in the organization of the rally. We benefited a lot from the remarks made by competitors and the observer. The candidate event was a learning platform for everyone. Our first objective is to upgrade the rally to a world level and we will make sure to sustain its success in the years to come” said Mohammed Ben Sulayem, President of ATCUAE and Emirates Motorsport Federation.