Sulayem says national sporting authority shares NOC commitment to advancing UAE’s sporting ambitions

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid AL Maktoum, UAE National Olympic Committee, has granted the NOC accreditation to the Automobile and Touring Club in the United Arab Emirates. H.H handed over the accreditation certificate to His Excellency Mohammed ben Sulayem, FIA Vice President and President of ATCUAE, in the presence of His Excellency Abdulrahman Al Owais, Minister of Health, NOC Vice President and and Advisor Mohammed Al Kamali, NOC Secretary-General. The UAE National Olympic Committee has welcomed the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE into its fold as an affiliated member, underlining growing links between the Olympic movement and motor sport worldwide. The ATCUAE’s request for UAE NOC affiliation was strongly supported by the FIA, motor sport’s world governing body, and its motor bikes counterpart, the FIM. “ATCUAE enjoys an explicit international recognition from FIA and FIM which have been officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee, based on that and according to the National Charter, the National Olympic Committee has granted ATCUAE the accreditation as an entity that is in charge of overseeing the organization of auto and motorcycle activities, especially that it has an official exclusive recognition by the international bodies. Abdulrahman pointed out that ATCUAE has already received recognition and appreciation from many national government entities for its achievements. The Executive Director of the NOC has praised the prominent role played by His Excellency Mohammed ben Sulayem, FIA Vice President and President of ATCUAE in achieving this leading position at the international level, which was reflected as an effective and positive image to the motor sport in UAE, making it one of the leading countries in this field. “We are honoured to have been granted affiliation to our country’s National Olympic Committee, and look forward to working together to advance the UAE’s sporting ambitions,” said ATCUAE President Mohammed Ben Sulayem. “We have a shared commitment to growing the participation of Emiratis in the international sporting arena and empowering them to achieve success at the highest levels, and at the same time enhancing the UAE’s status as a world-class sporting venue.” As the sole representative of both the FIA and the FIM in the UAE, the ATCUAE is responsible for upholding and applying all the rules, regulations and sporting codes of the two global sporting bodies. The FIM became a full member of the International Olympic Committee in 2000 while the FIA became a full member in 2013as part of the move to bring the federation in line with the best international sporting, governance and ethical standards. The IOC has enjoyed the official IOC status of Recognised Federation since 2000.

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